Online Submission Guideline

Journal Hortuscoler (JHC) welcomes letter papers  contains a primary article derived from horticultural research, which is vegetable, ornamental plant, tropical and subtropical fruit crop. It is very important to ensure that the content of your paper fits well with the scope and policy of the journal. Papers that do not meet these standards will be rejected. Before preparing your manuscript, you are advised to read this Submission Guideline as well as the descriptions in About JHC and Editorial Policy.

As a basic rule of scientific publication, a manuscript to be submitted to the journal should be original. A manuscript having essentially the same content as what was or will be published elsewhere will not be considered for publication in JHC. On submission of manuscripts, please pay careful attention to the following:

Manuscripts should not have been published elsewhere. Duplicate submission is unethical. Do not submit manuscripts that have been accepted or are under active consideration for publication elsewhere.

The authors are requested to read also the Publication Ethic to avoid an ethical violation

Submission Guideline can be downloaded at